Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bay Area

(Sorry, no pictures. We forgot our camera cable.) Adam, Audrey and I are enjoying our 3 weeks in the Bay Area. Adam is working a lot, as we expected. Audrey and I are visiting the tourist sites. Some of the places we have been:

-Imagiknits. We went to the Mission and found a yarn shop called Imagiknits where I bought some Cotton Fleece in orange for a jumper for Audrey. I found the shop easily. Parking was readily available. The shop itself offered a little bit of everything. I was looking for worsted weight cotton and I found it. The staff seemed helpful, attentive, and knowlegable.

-Delores Park Cafe. After spending some time browsing Imagiknits, we walked past the park to find the Delores Park Cafe where we enjoyed a grilled cheese, a salad, and an iced tea. I loved people watching here and so did Audrey.

-Golden Gate Park. We drove through GGP riding along the MLK, one of the loveliest roads by that name that I have seen. Later we returned and walked over to the de Young Museum where we took in the view from the tower.

-Golden Gate Bridge. We drove across it on a clear day, the rust-colored bridge contrasting agaist a cloudless blue sky.

-The Beach near Cliffside. Ok, I didn't actually walk on the beach, but I pushed a stroller NEAR the beach. Views, surfers, seals, ruins of public baths. We saw people dancing on roller skate.

-Stinson Beach. On a cooler day we walked on stinson beach enjoying the rushing of the waves. I think I could get used to that noise easily.

-Park Side Cafe. After walking along Stinson beach we had lunch at the Park Side Cafe where Audrey made friends with the waitress, the people eating at all of the adjacent tables, and the bus woman.

-Muir Woods. Parking is hard to come by at Muir Woods. Granted we did go on a weekend with great weather, but jeez oh man. I circled for nearly an hour, and when I finally found a place to put my car, Audrey had fallen asleep, and I wasn't about to wake her up. The woods were beautiful. I'd love to go back when I have more time and do some of the less busy trails.

-The San Jose Tech Museum. Hmm, Adam enjoyed it. I felt like I was ready to fall asleep. Not sure if it was boredom or sleep deprivation. Either is possible.

-Mountain View Public Library. We walked over from our apartment yesterday. They couldn't give us a guest card, much to my disappointment, but we had a good time reading board books and watching the other kids in the children's room. Afterwards we found Panzee our stuffed chimp puppet for sale in their Friends shop.

We did other things too, like walk around Haight Street and stop for coffee at a couple of different places. We have eaten out a lot, but I didn't talk about all of them. And really our best times have been spent with friends.

Oh, and just last night, I happened to be in my first ever earthquake, a 5.6. Shake, Rattle, and Roll baby! It turns out 5.6 earthquakes are considered moderate and can cause damage. Our whole house was swaying back and forth. It took a while for the verticle blinds to steady themselves. It has left me feeling giddy, even though we know how dangerous they can be, perhaps like playing with fire. Afterwards we looked up what to do in an earthquake -- get under a table. Then we turned on the tv and watched the funny local coverage of the disaster. I couldn't believe how long channel 4 had uninterrupted coverage with people calling in telling how their wine bottles fell and broke, or they ran outside and asked their neighbors, "did you feel that." It was still on when I went to bed.


emily said...

i'm glad you posted about your trip. i've thought of you a lot lately! have a great time! see you when you get back.

kate said...

when owen was working in san jose and i took the short trip to visit him i went to imagiknit and the delores park cafe, too. i loved san fran.

are you there for the entire 3 weeks?!?

Frances said...

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