Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mountains with the Nutiks

After a difficult sleep night, we spent all day Sunday up in the mountains with our cousins. The weather in Boulder was expected to be up near 100F, so we were thankful for the opportunity to escape the city.

They found a wonderful hike that switchbacked up a mountain across I-70 from the Vail ski resort. We hiked for about 3 hours which is perfect for me in my (still!) post partum condition.

Adam wore Audrey in our Ergo for the first time and he loved it. He said it felt a lot more comfortable to him than the wrap-style baby carriers we had been using. I was worried that the Ergo wouldn't fit him well since he is 6 ft 4 in, but it fits him well.

After our hike we all went over to Vail to enjoy their Arts Festival and Farmer's Market. We found a perfect shady spot to enjoy our picnic lunch, some delicious Colorado peaches, and some Jazz.

We changed Audrey into an adorable red, black, and white sundress that we received as a gift from the Scheiners. Opposite, you can see her in her sundress with cousin Gordon.

The Vail Art Festival was a lot of fun too, but we were getting tired and dehydrated. Although the weather in the mountains is cooler, it was still in the 90s. We saw some landscapes photos that were impressive. We especially liked one of the area near Canyonlands in Southeastern Utah. I have tried photographing this area too and it takes skill and presumably, the right equipment, to capture the crags and canyons in all their splendor.

When the heat and the lack of water caught up with us, we decided to head back to Gordon and Ricki's place for some refreshments.

Tyler, nearly 2, really enjoyed seeing Audrey and learned her name right away. It was wonderful seeing Tyler run around and hearing Tyler using so many words. It was like being able to look into the future. Before we know it Audrey will be big!

After a long day in the mountains we headed back to Boulder. We were a little scared of the nighttime as Audrey hadn't been sleeping well since her 4 month shots. But I was surprised by how easily she fell asleep and I was totally elated when she didn't wake for a feeding until 3:30am. She gave me 5.5 straight hours of sleep.! It had been a long time since I had that many hours of sleep in a row. We should go up to the mountains more often.

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Tara said...

Looks like fun. Gosh, you're in great shape to do a 3 hour hike!